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SEO and Adwords

The internet is not just about having a pretty website, we can help you ensure its search engine friendly, so you no longer need to be baffled by words like


We’re not going to baffle you with the science stuff, we’re about plain English here at Seesaw. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process that allows the internet to see what you are about in organic (no advertising costs) searches. Sounds simple, but it’s actually really hard to get right…

Almost all internet users start at a search engine, it’s not just about Google nowadays.

A high ranking website on google is really important in todays world. Who wants to be on page 7 or 8 when your competitors are page 1.

And like it or not, the general public feel the higher up the rankings you are, the more you can be trusted.

But the internet is fluid, you can’t just do it once and walk away. Some of our websites get regular check ups, others we can do once every few months.

So your search engine optimisation is really important.


Want to reach new customers online, sometimes you just can’t see the wood through the trees (or so they say), but maybe advertising with Google AdWords might be right for you. As part of your marketing budget you really do need to consider Adwords.

We’re not going to tell you how we can help you achieve this without giving you some free advice first.

High Cost Words: If the cost per click for a particular keyword is consistently high, it’s usually an indication that people are bidding high because it is profitable to do so.

Keywords: Don’t use broad keywords, be specific for a more targeted audience who are more likely to spend with you.

Think: Think about your ads, most don’t work as they are not good adverts. So consider what you really want to say before you say it.

Be Specific: Make sure the landing page is specific to the advert (don’t send  them to your homepage if you are advertising what’s on a specific page).

Still don’t think you are getting the best from your advertising? Give us a call!